Best New iPad Apps

Best New iPad Apps


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zombie Jombie Fun!

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Zombie Jombie is kind of an "old" new iPad app, but it's still by far one of the most entertaining and fun apps out there for people who like card based games. The reason Zombie Jombie is one of the best new iPad apps out there is due to the simplicity of the game while still being highly addictive. Your objective is to fight off the humans, being a manipulator of all zombies yourself. You find cards that contain different zombies in them which you can use on your "Attack Deck" "Defense Deck" "Epic Boss Deck" or use the cards to enhance other Zombie cards.
Lately the game has been releasing events in which while you're questing for money and more cards, you might stumble upon an "Epic Boss" that you must defeat as many times as you can, all the while receiving rare and super rare cards for every victory. This new system of the game definitely adds to the title of one of the best new iPad apps out there.
The game does use and have a cash system in which you can buy "brains" (used to recover energy to do quests or attack other players) and traps (used to defend any treasures of your own). You can also buy card packs using cash, which have a very high chance of giving you a Rare or higher tier card. You by no means Need to use the cash, although those who do have a small advantage. Luckily, you can trade any coins, brains of your own, traps and cards with other Jombies to obtain even better cards or whatever it is you need.
The last thing that makes Zombie Jombie one of the best new iPad apps out there is the fact that you can battle it out with other players to test your skills and the power of your cards.
You'll have loads of fun with this game, so try it out!

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